Enough Is Enough 19th March, 2017

In life, problems are realities which we experience daily. Where do you go when your plans fail in life? What do you do when all odds seem to be against you? What becomes of your own disposition in the face of failure? What are some of the words you utter in the face of disappointment?  Are you patient with God in difficult moments? Are you able to identify the hand of God in your predicament? What is your actual position in terms of the above?

The above is an explicit expression of the text of today’s first reading (Exodus 17:3-7). Despite the wonders which the Lord had wrought in the light of Israel’s liberation from the Egyptians (the inflicting of deadly plagues on the Egyptians, the crossing of the red sea and the feeding of manna in the desert), the people had all of a sudden forgotten all these; they had lost hope in the power of Yahweh to save them and they complained bitterly against Moses. They preferred damnation to salvation; they likened the land of Egypt to the land of promise; they chose death over life; they subscribed to curse instead of blessing.  All these were as a result of thirst forgetting the fact that nothing is impossible with Yahweh. Their main argument was very simple: if God is powerful, why does He allow thirst to kill them?

In response, God showed His power by providing them with water from a rock. Like the people, we also experience this same event in our lives. God is never blind to our predicament. He knows whatever we are going through. Instead of grumbling everyday against God, rather praise Him. Thank God even when things are difficult; praise Him even when your plans fail; the God who started that project in you will definitely lead you to a fruitful conclusion. The potency of God is not dependent on your success in life neither is your present predicament an indication of the impotence of God. The Lord will never forsake His people. In this season of Lent, say to yourself “enough is enough” in terms of your predicament. Offer to God praises in season and out of season and harden not your hearts if you listen to the voice of the Lord (responsorial Psalm).

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