My Own Transfiguration In Lent 12TH MARCH, 2017

Our natural inclination is to stay where we are, to make a tent and to settle comfortably. God continually urges us to a land which He Himself will show us. This invitation is what the season of Lent invites all of us to embrace. We are to leave the old way of sin behind and to embrace holiness; we are to say no to sin and yes to God; no to hell and yes to heaven.

Abraham responds to the above positively when he is called by God to leave the land of his birth and go to a land the Lord will show him (Genesis 12:1-4).

Jesus, like Abraham in the above, goes to the mountain with three of His disciples to commune with God (Matthew 17:1-9). This experience is what is biblically known as the TRANSFIGURATION. The English word “Transfiguration” means “change in form or appearance.” This experience invites us to reflect on four key points:

  1. The cloud:

This is a representation of the presence of God. It was the belief of the Jews that the Messiah would bring back the clouds (Exodus 16:10; 33:9). By the fact of the cloud appearing, Jesus is indeed the Messiah.

  1. The presence of Moses and Elijah:

These men encountered God on mountains, they fasted for forty days and nights and their final end was mysterious. Whereas Moses represents the Law, Elijah represents the Prophets. Thus, their presence sums up the fact that Jesus is the fulfilment of the Law and the Prophets. Everything will pass away, but the Word will endure to the end. This explains why with their disappearance in the above scene, Jesus was still present.

  1. Foretaste of heavenly glory:

Jesus must suffer before He enters into His glory. There can be no crown without cross; no Easter Sunday without Good Friday; there can be no success without struggle; no joy without pain. Like Jesus, we must be prepared to go through a similar experience.

  1. Divine announcement:

During the Lord’s transfiguration, the Father announced “This is my Son, the Beloved; He enjoys my favour.” This is the same statement which the Father repeated during the Baptism of the Lord. Jesus indeed enjoys the favour of the Lord. Do we listen to Him?

May the transfiguration of Jesus lead to our own transfiguration. May it make us better people and positively transform our society and the world at large.